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You know that feeling you get when someone asks what you’re incredibly passionate about? We’re that way about marketing. It makes us spring out of bed at the crack of dawn and work into the wee hours of the night.

We’re focused on helping organizations find new ways to market themselves more effectively. Our goal is to make sure you always get the highest returns on your investment.

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Our best clients are companies that aren’t happy with the status quo and want a partner who is willing to push them and their marketing further.

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Our Philosophy

Everything we do is results-driven, measurable, and tied directly to your overarching business objectives. We don’t settle for cookie cutter solutions.

Our 3 Core Principles

Don’t Mistake Activity with Outcomes
You can spend countless hours posting to Facebook every week but ultimately if your phone doesn’t ring or those posts aren’t helping you sell more products, you’re wasting your time. To stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, your marketing needs to be as unique as your brand. We make sure you have the right marketing mix in place and you’re tracking the right success measures.
Always Be Intellectually Curious
You can’t just sit still. You should always be looking for opportunities to refine and improve your marketing based on performance and what’s happening in the marketplace. With each client engagement, we proactively seek out and identify the best strategies and the latest marketing technology to ensure you’re positioned for continued growth.
Focus on Relationships, Not the Sale
More than anything else, we want to help businesses be successful. That means each interaction is about listening to their unique needs and challenges and exploring how we, or other resources in our network, can get them to achieve their goals.

A Message from Shawn, Our Founder

Shawn Graham headshot

Deep Varnish exists to help businesses create marketing that goes below the surface—impactful and results-driven marketing that captures the essence of your brand, resonates with your target audience, and turns curiosity into conversions.

We’re small by design. Our structure allows us to be nimble while also developing deeper relationships with our clients. If we have a chance to work together, we’re going to take your marketing and the success of your business personally.

You can expect us to be incredibly responsive, deliver exceptional customer service, and leverage our deep marketing insights to provide real value to your organization.

That’s just how we’re wired. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Shawn Graham

Shawn got his first taste of marketing and entrepreneurship at the age of 12 when he opened a road-side stand and sold apples and produce to passersby—an experience that helped shape his love for marketing. Before launching Deep Varnish, Shawn owned a successful strategic marketing firm where he worked with a wide spectrum of clients including Heartland Homes, Diamond Kinetics, and Shoefitr. Graham spent his earlier career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and also served as one of Fast Company magazine’s first expert bloggers where he interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, and senior executives from innovative and highly successful businesses including AMC Network, Andreessen Horowitz, Dell, Grasshopper, Hubspot, and Shopify. When he’s not working, you’ll find Shawn listening to Wilco, Johnny Cash, or his massive collection of old school hip hop and spending time with his wife, daughter, and their dog Cookie.